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Thursday, 22 October 2020

Bitcoin & Co - Gloria Zhao: A College Student's Journey to Bitcoin Core Development

Todays guest is Gloria Zhao, she is a Bitcoin Core developer, former president of "Blockchain at Berkeley" and will finish her Computer Science studies at the end of 2020. We discuss how Bitcoin and blockchain technologies are seen by her fellow college students, why she chose to work on Bitcoin only instead of all the other Silicon Valley stuff and blockchain projects that are around.

"Privacy and censorship resistance should be the default. We can't keep measuring technologies or applications based on how convenient they are or how cheap they are.We need to start thinking about how private they are." - Gloria Zhao


Career expectations for college students in Silicon ValleyBlockchain education at the college Why Bitcoin, not blockchainHow she escaped the mindset of Silicon ValleyHow to become a Bitcoin Core developerHer Chinese roots Why privacy is so important in the digital era

Visit Gloria's recommended learning resources in the shownotes.

via The Let's Talk Bitcoin Network

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