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Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Incentivizing the Use of Blockchain with Grant Blaisdell The Tatiana Show Ep. 280

Josh returns to the co-host chair just in time for a fantastic talk with Grant Blaisdell talking a huge variety of subjects in the blockchain space. Grant left the US for his father's homeland of Poland to help found Coinfirm, an analytics company that's on the bleeding edge of the blockchain space. He talks about why he started the project, what they specialize in, and how the company's projects help users with an increasingly regulated space. He talks the hot crypto topic of DeFi and how it helps democratize economics. He talks his love of the music industry and how he uses cryptocurrency & blockchain as a marketing, distribution & engagement tool for music and how it can work in tandem with existing promotional practices. He also discusses his interest in space travel and utilization, and how it represents the next stage in data security and economics. A wonderful conversation covering a huge variety of subjects...listen now!

About the Guest:
Grant has been creating ventures at the intersection of new technologies and media between the US to Central Europe since his late teens. An early innovator in applying blockchain technology to various industries, companies Grant has co-founded include the leading Blockchain Analytics and AML company Coinfirm and the digital asset marketplace for the Space industry Copernic Space. As a lifelong musician and hip hop artist known as GB Savant, Grant also applies his technological work to his music with upcoming projects such as Mr. Crypto.

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