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Monday, 27 October 2014

LTB Community Roundup #9

Welcome to another edition of the Let's Talk Bitcoin community roundup. This roundup serves to highlight just some of the content you can find on the Let's Talk Bitcoin forums and main site.

Since the last roundup we've seen even more new members join LTB and lots of new topics being posted. There are even some new categories popping up in the message boards.

Did you enjoy the latest episode of P2P Connects Us? Be sure to drop by the official thread located here on the boards and leave your thoughts regarding the show.

@Adrian-Sutton posted on the forums about Chain Games, a new site where you can solve a variety of puzzles to win Dogeparty tokens. Take a look at the post, try out some of the puzzles and and leave your feedback.

What is the oldest video card you own? @ltbharley wants to know, and even got things started by posting an image of a card that I remember owning as well. Check out the thread here and be sure to leave a note about the oldest video card in your collection.

This thread is asking for your thoughts on building a library of documents related to cryptocurrency. Is this something you want to see? Share your opinion.

What do you buy and sell with bitcoin? That is the question being asked in this forum thread. Pop on over and let the group know about some of the things you've used bitcoin for.

Do you have any thoughts regarding bitcoin in Africa? This thread is discussing how bitcoin is being used in Africa today and also what the future may hold for the continent as regards crypto.

Do you have any personal experience with the Trezor wallet? Share your opinion here. Tell others about your experience or discuss the Trezor wallet and discuss the security implications.

Are you a developer? Don't forget that Let's Talk Bitcoin has a coins for commits program. This program allows you to make contributions to the source code that powers the LTB site and earn up to 10,000 LTBc for doing so. Be sure to check it out.

That's it for this roundup. Don't forget that the best way to stay in the loop on all of the happenings across the community is to check back often. I'll see you again soon!

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