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Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Bitcoin Audible - Discovering Bitcoin #4 - A Wrong Turn & A New Plan [Giacomo Zucco]

"While it was pretty difficult for him to take over the very decentralized process of people exchanging gold nuggets, there are now a few big, public, trusted, vulnerable entities he can easily seize control of." - Giacomo Zucco

Continuing the excellent series of Discovering Bitcoin, this is an awesome set of articles covering thousands of years of monetary history and evolution all the way to The Lightning Network. Today's part is "A Wrong Turn," breaking down the process of innovating money to solve the "scaleness" problem, that ended up putting at huge risk of control and corruption, the "hardness" and "darkness" of our money. Into the age of full virtualization, what could possibly solve this? Do we need a New Plan?

Check out the previous parts if you haven't!Part 1 - About Time: 2 - About People: 3 - Introducing Money:

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